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There is nothing wrong to state that smoking is the one of the dangerous wrongdoing to one selves and the community. Whether you know or not, smoking exposes your body to hundreds of different harmful substances. Your body is not protected to that, and thus it has wrong effects on your body. When you breathe the wrong air in, the chemicals contained in the cigarette get into your bloodstream, and from there, it travel in your whole body, thus making you more and more addicted and attracted to health problems.

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Success Story

That Life I live now is a gift of Quit2Addiction- Daniel

Daniel, 35, has been smoking from the past 5 years. He started it out with this college mates but didn’t knew how to stop. Speaking of his smoking addiction Daniel says,” I had always loved the idea of living wholeheartedly. And up to certain extent, I have lived my life in that way too. But…

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Thanks for making me live happier again!- Sarah

Sarah, 38, decided to quit smoking when her husband Garry told her that he was extremely worried about her smoking. Miranda said that her husband has been the greatest motivation of all time to help her quit smoking. Hearing him say: Don’t do it love, if not for me, then for the sake of your…

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Platinum GUARANTEE service

£1800 Full 2 year service at a discounted rate. Full back up telephone priority service . includes all counselling sessions.

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Gold Service

£950 per year. 2 Years recommended. Full back up telephone priority service. Includes all the counselling sessions.

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Economy Service

£10 per month only. You save lots of money by not smoking. Cancellation at anytime but recommended to keep on plan for 2 years. Includes all the counselling sessions .

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